Zipcar is the world leader in providing ‘wheels when you want them’ – a revolutionary mobility service that gives members on demand access to a variety of cars, by the hour or day.

gold maker

We partnered with Vector, the everyday watch of the future, to develop a simple, intuitive UI that masks the device’s complexity from the user under layers of classy design.


Magento e-commerce integration for ethnic haircare, fragrance and skincare products

Radical Company

Radical Company is a global group that inspires and transforms the way organisations and brands engage, communicate, and sell across digital platforms.


A search for the world’s greatest football fan, consisting of a seven-stage battle between fans representing the 32 countries, with the occasion of the 2010 World Cup.

fast day

Web and desktop collaboration suite that allows enterprise level video conferencing, secure remote control and a tremendous feature set that will make your work easier.


Ubervu helps you follow, analyze, and connect with your customers and fans. In Michael Arrington’s words it is “organizing the discussion mess we’re in now”.


We have been working with a large set of artists who have just come out on the music market and who haven’t had time to work on their personal projects.

Avalos Prints

Avalos Arquitectos were invited by the Federation of Architecture of the Mexican Republic to participate in the 2010 Biennale.


You didn’t know, but there is a solution to find out fast what almost 75 million people think about a thing that interests you. Just type it in and wait for the results.

Shelf Concept

Even if it is just in a concept stage, our shelving system has already appeared in numerous industry magazines and it has also started winning industrial design awards.

Floe Magazine

Floe magazine gathers 130 pages of fashion, architecture, interior design, music, movies, and photo essays, by promoting an intelligent lifestyle concept.

(636) 293-1306

This is our take on how the identity of a company that makes it easy for people to manage their fantasy football roosters should look like.


This is the perfect system for collection management, able to accommodate any type of artwork. It can also be used privately or in an open and sharing environment. This is the final logo solution that we made for the brand’s identity. To explain it shortly, we used a solid, serious font type to underline the…


Affiliate Summit East is a three-day affiliate marketing conference happening in New York, which includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks.


Farm is the largest online pharmaceutical store in Romania, where users can search, organize, and buy pharmaceutical products through online ordering systems.

UEFA Website

UEFA organises some of the most famous and prestigious football competitions on the European continent. It is the governing body of football in Europe.


We were commissioned by an electronics distributor to build a brand that would act as an umbrella for their new Home Automation products and services.


Having a team with very good offline radio experience, Clandestino started on a new and experimental path with the aim to conquer new territories in the online world


The system where you can store, manage, view, and share your art properties, as well as a medium where you can get continuous education related to your collections.

MonVia – Identity

MonVia is an investment company aiming to help people with smart ideas get their products to market and reach profitability as quickly as possible at a low cost.


Avalos Arquitectos y Asociados is one of Mexico’s leading architecture, design, and construction firms.


Built by a team with a good track record and an incredible amount of expertise in the field, this is the next generation software for Human Resources Management.

Modu Mobile

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